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Smith Mtn Lake Race Recap

medals on a yellow and gray surface

The first thing you need to know, is that Dave was not there.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go read this recap from Lake Anna a few weeks ago.

The second thing you need to know is this was super fun because it’s local. Lots of friends there, lots of good food, and only getting up at 4:30 instead of 3:00 is a nice change.

This was a ‘C’ race for me. Every race on my calendar is assigned a priority and only one or two can be ‘A’ races. My primary race focus is a 70.3 (half IronMan) in MD on June 9 and then another in September. Based around those 2, all my other races are triaged. Because this was a sprint and was only two weeks after the Lake Anna olympic, it was categorized as a ‘C.’ That means there is no taper into the race and I train hard before and after it.

I wasn’t sure how I would do, sprints are really hard because it’s an all out effort the whole time. I decided to focus on each mini goal I had and see where they took me. Well, they took me to second place overall of the women! I nearly hit my swim goal of 13 minutes, I was off by about 45 seconds. I biked much slower than I thought, but later learned there was quite a strong head wind compared to last year so that slowed the whole field down. I ran a 7:25, which was 10 seconds/mile slower than targeted but I felt strong and didn’t hate every step of the run so I’m counting that a win.

Remember how I had wetsuit woes a few weeks ago? Huge kudos to the wetsuit company, Roka, for going above and beyond. As you know, my suit ripped when I was trying it on. I pleaded with them to send me a new one, they very kindly told me if I’m dumb enough to rip it then I have to live with it. But they did send repair goo, free of charge. This truly fixed it right up, you can barely see the tear. However, as I fixed that tear I realized several of the seams were not lined up properly and were pulled apart. This was before I had put it on all the way. I emailed them again asking if this was normal as I identified at least 3 seams that would need to be repaired and I hadn’t even put the suit on yet.

Ya’ll. They sent me a brand new suit. They agreed it was some sort of manufacturing blip that shouldn’t have happened and if the seams were that wonky they suspected the whole thing was. So they sent me a pristine suit free of charge. Customer service! Quality company! I love them. I shall now only wear Roka. Hubs and Lex were kind enough to come out to the race course the day before so I could get in some training rides and swims on site. He also featured me in a little photo shoot flaunting my new gear. It was so beautiful there. Clear water, blue sky, hot day.

I’m also super excited to announce my newest sponsor, The Black Bibs! This is a very cool cycling apparel company based in Roanoke. They design quality cycling shorts, bibs, and jerseys with the tagline that “high quality cycling apparel has become inaccessible (way too expensive) for many everyday riders so we developed a simple and scaled down line of bibs with no labels.”

They are the only bibs I train in, they’re affordable, quality, and comfortable. When you spend 8+ hours in the saddle every week, details matter. They also design high quality apparel for triathlon and cycling teams. I’m looking forward to working with them to design a custom race kit for this season.

Upcoming: June 9 is my next race, this is a 70.3 half IronMan distance in MD. I’m very excited about this race because I’m traveling up with a bunch of women from my FCA Bible study. It’s a great group of ladies and we are going to have a blast. I’m also excited because my plan is to beat my previous time for this distance and go under 5 hours total. But before that can happen, there’s more work to be done. This Sunday I’ll be doing the Big Day workout. This is a training day my triathlon team must have invented because everyone does one before any big race. It’s usually 3-4 weeks out from the race and is basically a simulation. I’ll bike 56 miles at race pace, go through a pretend transition, then run hard off the bike for about an hour. It’s exhausting and daunting, but also a great way to dial in the final details of hydration, nutrition, transition, all the “tions” that pop up in a race. I get nervous for this workout, even though it’s just training, it feels so real.

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