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Not really a pain cave

photo of man sitting on a cave

The hype over pain caves. I find that term annoying. If training is such a pain, why do it?

I have a ‘training area’ and that being said I’m very spoiled that mine is indoors, comfortably conditioned, and features entertainment. Of course, some of that entertainment comes in the form of animals and their shenanigans. And children. And husband. The kids have figured out the best time to ask for snacks is when I’m on the trainer. I can’t hear them, I don’t want to stop, and I don’t want to be bothered. I field every query with a grimace and shooing motion. Which apparently means yes. They’ve gotten a lot of contraband this way.

Speaking of snacks. I asked Hubs to take some photos and send them to me. He did so – but he included the peanut butter jar picture. Prior to my request he had shown me the peanut butter picture and said, “what happened here? Why does the peanut butter resist the pantry for you?” I ignored him, as is my wont. So he included it in his upload and I can only assume he wanted to give me a second chance to appreciate his snark. As I have not appreciated it, twicely, I include it here, in case any of you would like to give him the satisfaction he so desires.

I recently acquired a used treadmill and after much haggling over the date (not price) to pick it up, the gentleman gave it to me for free. It was a blessing, as it is a quality treadmill and meets my needs for long runs and high speed interval work. One note, I didn’t realize you had to calibrate the incline after transport. I spent the first week using it at 6% and almost died. I was sure my run fitness had hit a new low. Hubs kindly straightened me out, or leveled me out as the case may be. It would seem my deep dislike of learning new technology extends to treadmills. I am a little worried how close the rear wall is. I have childhood memories of tripping on treadmills and shooting off. I’ve started wearing the emergency shut off clip during speed work…just in case.

The trainer is my deep love. Most people hate trainers, you sit in one spot, you work super hard, you sweat all over everything, you go nowhere. I can do a 3 hour ride on this thing and be totally happy. I’ve put it on top of the carpet to absorb my sweat…gross…and this squishy green kitchen pad to give it some side to side mobility. Ironically, one issue with trainers is how stable they are, which is not realistic to real life bike riding. Riding outside you rock back and forth, you shift your hips, each pedal stroke moves your core a little. Since trainers are by nature heavy and solid, there is none of that. Which can lead to hip strain or knee pain. Wahoo (my current brand) came out with a new trainer called the KICKR Move which gives forward/backward and side movement.

I don’t have this. Nor do I have the $1,500 price tag, so I improvise.

Remy has also gotten some unconventional use out of the trainer…

This is my typical view when on the trainer.

This is my weight rack. No, shoe rack…no, weight rack. Final answer.

I do have a lot of shoes. Some (Hubs) might say too many. But they all do different things! Speed shoes that are extra light. Long run shoes with extra cushion. Trail shoes with extra grip. Walking around shoes with extra support. I’m all about the extra. I keep track of mileage for each pair. Want to guess how many miles are on my cycling shoes? 1,131.

It’s also possible I have a few too many bikes. Such a problem…says Hubs. It’s a lot of maintenance for him but I like to keep him busy, idle hands and all that. My grey Cervelo is my race bike. I have a deep bond with this bike. I don’t usually name bikes but this one is Pearl.

The blue BMC is a new-to-me road bike that I love. As advertised, it climbs like a billy goat.

The heinous yellow green half bike on the trainer makes me smile. It is old, it is creaky, I don’t know if it’s road worthy. Probably not because we don’t actually have a rear wheel for it. But that thing is parked on the trainer and it doesn’t need to do much aside from the pedals go round and round. This was sort of a mandatory bike because you can’t be putting a nice race bike on the trainer and then abusing it day after day.

One other thing. The shape of this room is very strange, it is a trapezoid, but very skinny at one end and wider at the other. The walls are outdoor siding material. There are doors in each, which means it’s pretty tricky to make it a functional space. When we first moved in, Hubs and I christened it the “Trap Room” for trapezoid and lack of a better name. It has remained with this name and recently I overheard my oldest explaining to a friend how safe our house is because we have a “trap room” that traps bad guys when they break into our house. 🤨

Anyway, that’s my training cave, plus three fans, 2 dogs and 2 cats that sit outside the window and stare longingly. Next week I have big plans for some swimming video footage and a new segment called “Heard ‘Round the Dinner Table”

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