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Eagleman 70.3

boat in body of water under cloudy sky

“we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope”

A friend recently said this to me and I replied, “that’s a really cool quote, where is it from?”
“…the Bible…..”
I probably should have known that. Especially because we were in Bible study at the time.
It’s Romans 5:3 if you’re interested.

I think we could all use a little hope these days. Let us go seek out some suffering.

I signed up for this race 7 months ago. It was just now that I looked up the routes and figured out where it was. Ignorance is bliss, folks. I lived in MD for a really long time, I should have had a clue.

Cambridge, MD is on the Eastern shore of the state. I initially thought we were doing an ocean swim, that sounded cool. I then found out it was definitely not an ocean swim. So I assumed it was a Chesapeake Bay swim. That’s less cool, because the Bay is hot, brown, and sketchy. I looked up the IronMan website; lo’ and behold it’s a river swim! It’s a rectangular river swim, which means against the current going out, with the current returning. The river is named the Choptank, and that is an unusual name.

This bodes really well for my headspace. I generally feel very slow when I’m swimming in open water. (It could be because I am very slow, but we’ll ignore that) so if I get to finish with the current, I’m going to feel like I’m flying! Racing is so mental, the rest of the race will be much more positive if I have that illusion of speed coming out of the swim.

The bike is forever. It’s 56 miles, which is the norm, but until you look at a map of 56 miles, you don’t realize how it drags on and on.

Just look at that! Enough already with the turns and the circles and the loops.

The run looks fun though. While I dislike turns and chicanes and jibber-jabber on the bike course, I greatly enjoy them on the run. It keeps me checked in mentally.

I really dislike out and back runs. I also really dislike huge circle runs. So this route is pretty much my ideal, thank you for that IronMan. Enough loops I can see competitors ahead and behind, but not so many I’m staring into their faces the entire course.

The real trick is going to be the water temperature. Wetsuits are legal up to 76.1 F. Historically, the water has been around 75 F. It’s in my best interest to wear a wetsuit as I’m much faster thanks to the extra buoyancy. It will end up being a night before the race decision once we’re given the official water temp.

My goals:
Swim = 32 minutes
Bike = 2 hours 35 minutes
Run = 1 hour 40 minutes

Anyway, enough logistics and details. You can track me through the IronMan app, it’s a pretty cool interface and follows me almost exactly throughout the course.

App download here ->

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