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Draggin’ elbows

person swimming in body of water

I recently created a tutorial video for a work assignment and learned that editing is incredibly fun. I have very high hopes to do more of it. The first step will be acquiring a camera that’s less than ten years old. And a drone. Because apparently, anybody who’s anybody has a drone. I also want to fly the drone over the cows and get some close footage of their faces. I don’t know why. But I really do.

But drones are expensive. So until then, here’s some footage Hubs took of me swimming to analyze my form. Wow, was it eye opening! I didn’t realize I was dragging my elbows on the bottom of the pool. Watching this video post workout made me feel much the way I do when I put on a baseball hat backwards then look in the mirror. I feel awesome with a hat on backwards. I want to be the woman that can rock a backwards hat. I look ridiculous.

I feel awesome when I swim, mostly. I feel smooth and strong. Then I watched this video and my first words were, “what the heck am I doing with my legs? Why are they going in so many different directions?” To which Hubs said, “I don’t know what you’re doing but I’ll tell you what you’re not doing. Kicking.”

He’s not wrong.

Much like wearing the backwards hat, I couldn’t look away and spent a lot of time studying this video. The result has been major improvement in my stroke! I’ve dropped quite a few seconds as I correct key mistakes. Like my feet. Doing nothing. Using them helps, it turns out. I realized how inefficient my body position was. I now point my toes and insert my arm into the water much sooner to get a better glide. I’m hoping to get Hubs back in the water with me soon so I can do a side by side comparison.

Middlest child got into my swim bag recently (while I was trapped on the trainer and most shenanigans occur) and came out wearing all my tricks
monochrome photography of people shaking hands
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I’ve started reaching out to some companies in the hopes they’ll sponsor me. It’s a bit awkward to send a cold email that says, “hey, I really like your stuff. I use it when I train. Can I have some for free if I talk about it a lot?” Funnily enough I’ve gotten one response so far and it was a reply to just such an email. I think being very brief and honest might be the best approach.

I’m also developing a logo! This is something I started a year ago then put on the back burner because art is not my thing and it’s overwhelming to commit to one image. I’m dusting off my sketches and getting back out there. When it’s finalized, you’ll be the first to know.


Stay tuned for some sweet merchandise that will be released on the heels of that logo.

As you know, I race for FCA, that is super important to me. But I also race for a team based in Nashville, TN called Working Triathlete (WT). It’s a little tricky to balance both these things, as WT has some really nice team apparel that I’ve started using. It’s super aerodynamic and much better designed than my previous FCA kit. I was struggling with how to represent FCA on my new WT suit when my friend mentioned a custom apparel shop just up the road in Lexington. FCA was kind enough to give me a digital copy of their logo. I took my stuff to this shop and he “sublimation printed” (it’s a real word, I Googled it) onto my tri suit. (Apparently he heats the ink to a temperature that it turns into gas. The gas then permeates the material so it never washes off, wears off, or cracks/peels like iron-on.)


He also made a tank top for my non-triathlon events, like this half marathon I have coming up in a week! More info on that soon.

All that to say, thank you to my friend for introducing me to Bigger Chicken Apparel. Thank you to Bigger Chicken for being willing to do one-offs and custom print jobs. Thank you to FCA for being cooperative with their branding. And thanks to you all for reading my weekly blog. Next week I have a post queued up about snow days in the Roman Empire.

This is me. In case you forgot who the mystery woman is behind the most intriguing blog on the internet. Did you know you can subscribe? You can receive the Friday BlogDay special in your inbox every week. Yeah, that is so much easier than clicking a link so subscribe below!

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