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person swimming in body of water

Draggin’ elbows

I recently created a tutorial video for a work assignment and learned that editing is incredibly fun. I have very high hopes to do more of it. The first step will be acquiring a camera… Read More »Draggin’ elbows

From my bookshelf

Things have been delayed around here because we’ve had some very major life happenings going on. Such as: B graduated from preschool. This was a big event, it involved juice boxes, cookies, and the requisite… Read More »From my bookshelf

Mitzi S Continued

[Part 2] [Just to recap: I finally met Mitzi S in the locker room, the showdown is about to begin] This woman is competitive. Don’t be fooled! She’s the wife of a pastor, she’ll talk… Read More »Mitzi S Continued

Who is Mitzi S?

[Part 1] Ahhh…. Mitzi S. Sigh. Where do I even begin? Well, I suppose the story starts around January 1st, when I signed up for a swim challenge at the YMCA. I love my Y, for all… Read More »Who is Mitzi S?