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St Louis surprise

So Beak and the Boy jetted off to St. Louis the morning after the race. 4:30 wake up call, Uber to the airport, off they went. He had no idea for what reason and neither… Read More »St Louis surprise

About those cats

Remember how we got cats back in March? Random. They’re brother and sister. They are THE BEST. I took them to the vet for the first time in a laundry basket because I had no… Read More »About those cats

kettle on the stove

Cows ‘n Bears

I feel compelled to justify my bear-cow situation of last post. I mentioned when we first moved in I saw a cow but mistook it for a bear. You might be thinking, “you live surrounded… Read More »Cows ‘n Bears

Apocalyptic Chickens

We decided to get chickens shortly after we moved in. Well, I decided to get chickens. Hubs was mostly supportive but as usual he was on a different timeline than I was. When I get… Read More »Apocalyptic Chickens