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When empires rose and fell but snow did not

colosseum italy

One day in January, we lived 1,000 years. It sounds impossible, but it truly happened. I read a whole book. I did a long bike ride. Hubs did a long bike ride. I made multiple meals. I did 6 loads of laundry. The children built entire worlds out of legos. We played a 45 minute game of Trouble. It is statistically impossible for Trouble to last that long. Empires rose and fell in this day. The day. Never. Ended.

It poured, a combination of freezing rain, snow, and sleet. It was too icy to go anywhere, too yuck to play outside, and too dark to feel excited about anything. When we finally put the kids to bed, a little later than we wanted because I chose this of all days to implement Family Game Night, Hubs said, “thus ends the longest day of my life.” What he didn’t know: it wasn’t over.

I’m running a half marathon tomorrow. One of the last speed workouts I did was 2 mile intervals with 1 minute rest in between. I did them on the treadmill. I thought nothing felt longer than running 2 miles on a treadmill, except having to do it again. I was wrong.

The worst part, this weather was predicted to happen in such a way that school would be cancelled. I don’t know what came of that but the weather arrived on a Saturday and served NO PURPOSE. This means the kids shot dirty glances at me and Hubs for most of the day, like it’s OUR fault the weather failed them. Like we CHOSE to spend the day trapped inside with useless cold outside.

Then came Monday and we had MLK Day, which was no school and was expected. This was fun, it was planned, we did things. THEN in a terrible twist of fate, it iced again. Pouring cold rain and ice that cancelled school on Tuesday. And Wednesday. And Thursday. And Friday.

The Longest Day turned into the Longest Week. And it wasn’t even SNOW. It would ice overnight, school would be cancelled, it would warm up in the afternoon and melt a little. Then it iced again. The kids couldn’t even play outside. It was the most useless weather. Every night I would get the call from the county with The News. Then would begin the frantic texting. Between all my kids’ activities I’m on a group text with every parent in the county.

“Can you believe it?!”

“Tell me the roads that are icy I will drive those children myself.”

“Is it even legal to cancel this many days in a row?”

“I don’t even see rain? Does anyone see rain? It is not even raining here!”

“We haven’t had snow this whole time.”

“Nobody has had snow this whole time.”

“Will anybody take my children? They are available for taking.”

Sunday evening my phone rang with that number and I hung up on it. I just sent it straight to voicemail.

Thus began the texting again:

“Did you just get a call?”

“Did anyone answer it?”

“If they’re cancelling school again we have to move.”

“Is there anywhere else I can take my children?”

“But did anyone answer it?”

“Do we, or do we not have basketball practice tomorrow?”


Turns out I wasn’t the only one with PTSD and sent it to voicemail. Somebody finally listened to the message and declared the joyous news.

“It’s OKAY. They are calling to tell us the kids can go back!”

It was the superintendent calling to let families know school was BACK IN SESSION. You know snow days have gone too long when you have to tell parents school is happening.

Tomorrow I’m running the Greenville, SC Swamp Rabbit half marathon. I know, I thought the same thing. But it’s real. It’s a point-to-point race, downhill, labeled “the fastest half marathon in the south.” Sold.

There is no live tracking for this event but results will be posted on the website by 12 PM. My pace goal is under a 7:30 minute mile. If this course is as fast as advertised, I’m optimistic to be even quicker but we’ll see. I hope to set a PR and build some confidence as triathlon season kicks off.

We’ve really been enjoying going to the local college basketball games. The kids actually get into the game and it’s fun to see them connect in that way. Usually they open the court during half time and kids can shoot around until the teams come back out. But, the last one we attended had an incredible half-time show! I put some clips together to give you an idea. I will try to channel the energy and joy these guys show during my race tomorrow!

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