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There’s only one rule about Mexico

The only rule our husbands gave us: don’t get kidnapped.

I went to Mexico with my sister, she won a trip through her work with Beachbody because she works super hard and has achieved so many amazing things. And she brought me along! It was incredible, a 5 night stay at an all-inclusive resort.

We both tried really hard to follow THE RULE as stated above. We left the Cancun airport to catch the shuttle to the resort. The shuttle ended up being a huge tour bus and we were the first ones to arrive. This meant we were going to be sitting around for an hour while we waited for other passengers to trickle in. We were tired so plunked ourselves down on the bus in the A/C and decided to wait it out. One of the shuttle employees came up to us, “ladies ladies, come with me. I will arrange a separate shuttle to take you to the resort so you don’t have to wait so long. Come come, get off the bus.”

Hmmm. We got off and followed him down a row of cars to an unmarked white van.

“Here! You get in here, get to the resort an hour earlier than everyone else!”


“Can I text my friends? They’re in the restaurant over there, they can come too?” my sister had a good plan, strength in numbers.

“No no no, we don’t have time for that. They can wait, if they’re in the restaurant they are happy! You can go now!”

Hmmm. “I don’t know,” I said, “if there’s one thing I’ve tried to sear into my kids’ brains, it’s never get in an unmarked white van.”

“Good point,” she said. “We’ll wait for everyone else, it’s fine.”

I’m 100% sure that van was okay. Well, maybe I’m 90ish% sure that van was okay. But we were not going to break our husbands’ rule. So much so that we actually didn’t even leave the resort for the full 5 days. This ended up coming back to bite me when I was leaving the country, but in the moment it seemed like the best option. Truly we didn’t need to, there was enough going on, but also because we were so definitely NOT going to break the rule.

The resort was amazing, swimming pools everywhere, beach access, perfect weather. We had a wonderful time. And even more exciting than that, I got to meet my workout hero, Elise Joan! I started doing Barre Blend 3 years ago, literally the week that the world went into quarantine, March 2020. I had just had my third baby and ended up losing a ton of weight through her program as well as getting really strong. That level of fitness motivated me to do a triathlon and that’s where my dream all started.

At the resort, Beachbody put on workouts every morning with a different super trainer. The trainers choose a few people to come up on stage with them and do the workout.

I had been joking that the only thing I wanted out of this trip was to meet Elise. My sister made it happen! The first day we did Elise’s work out, I pretty much just stood in front of the stage and smiled at her. Then my sister posted on Instagram about my love for her and she actually responded! She offered to bring me up the next day!

When I talked to Hubs the night before he asked, “is this the best day of your life besides marrying me?”

I said, “this will always be known as ‘before’ and everything tomorrow is ‘after’.

It was an awesome experience, I got to sit and talk with her, tell her about my story, we talked about her upcoming workout release and she posed for a picture with me. Truly a kind and wonderful person.

The whole trip was amazing, and we managed not to break the rule. So much so that when I was boarding my plane I was stopped by border patrol on the jetway. I guess I looked suspicious, traveling by myself with no real luggage to speak of.

“I was here for vacation.”

“But where did you stay?”

I gave her the name of the hotel.

“Are you traveling by yourself?”

“Yes, I’m flying alone.”

“What did you do while you were here?”

“I stayed at the resort.”

“You already told me about the resort, what else did you, where did you go?”

“I literally stayed at the resort.”

“For 5 days you never left the resort?”

“That’s correct.”


“Describe the resort to me.”

Seriously? “Um, okay well it was very white. Kind of a U-shape along the ocean. There were restaurants, we ate good food, we got massages, we swam in the pool-“

“You say ‘we’ but before you said you were traveling alone. Which is it?”

She thought she had caught me there. “I was at the resort with my sister. She lives in a different state, I live in Virginia. She is flying home on a different airline and I am flying home. So I am traveling by myself.” I tried not to say it with too much attitude but at this point I was annoyed and this lady was getting pedantic.

“Humph.” I’m not kidding, she humphed at me. She did let me through, I guess I trumped her with that one.

Just prior to this we had skated through security. I mean that very literally, I’ve never had an easier security process. The man in line ahead of us set off the metal detector. It’s possible he had never flown before because he seemed completely surprised that keys in his pocket, a heavy chain necklace, and a cell phone would set it off. He dumped these on the belt, went through, and again set off the alarm.

“It’s just my watch,” he pointed at a big gold band. “If I cover it with my hand it won’t go off.”

We looked at each other, eyebrows raised, this was not promising. The guard looked confused too but the man took things into his own hands. He walked back, covered his watch with his hand, and went back through.

The good news: it did beep, because a big heavy watch is metal and it’s a metal detector. The bad news: the guard was not paying attention, didn’t hear it beep, and the passenger just strolled on through despite all the red, blinky lights and angry sounds.

You can imagine while I was being grilled by border patrol that I was thinking of this man and the very rigorous security protocols in place (that’s sarcasm, for sure). Oh the irony.

It was an amazing trip, I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I got a most excellent pair of glasses out of it too!

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