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St Louis surprise

So Beak and the Boy jetted off to St. Louis the morning after the race. 4:30 wake up call, Uber to the airport, off they went. He had no idea for what reason and neither did the girls. They woke up and there was a frenzied search in the hotel room for the Boy. Upon declaring him Lost they inquired. I explained it thusly, “he’s going on a super special surprise adventure to get something for the whole family and I will answer no further questions.”

Surprisingly this was well received. There were a few potshot guesses made during the drive home.

JJ: I think they’re bringing back a swingset.

(we already have a swingset)

Munchkin: Is it a giraffe?

(I like her style)

JJ: Okay but am I going to like it?

(I sure hope so but she is not an animal lover so we had our fingers crossed on that one)


The hair on the sides of his face kind of look like an old man’s mutton chops beard!

His name is Remy. He is very squeezable and really doing quite well. He comes from the same place as Juno does and is the same breed, Springer mixed with Poodle. Good news! The kids all love him, although some from afar. JJ thinks he’s amazing and the cutest thing ever and she “just can’t get enough of that boy.” But would prefer not to touch him and does not care for him touching her.

Munchkin was very excited to see him and promptly turned to say, “is this all the surprise? Is there more surprise?”

I don’t know if she meant more puppies or if the puppy was inferior to her expectations. But I can see if you start the bar at giraffe there’s only downhill from there.

When I asked B where he thought dad was taking him he said, “well at first I thought he was taking me to a movie theeATER. (that’s how he pronounces, very formal) But then I thought maybe we were going to work on a farm?”

Low bar, good boy.

There’s always a dog or cat or two around to mix it up with him. Grey in particular is very tolerant of his rasslin’.

There will be lots of forthcoming puppy stories I have no doubt!

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