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Some beautiful things

scrabble tiles near a typewriter

This week we dwell on beauty all around;
It’s easy to forget when troubles surround.
So take a break from the noise in your head;
Here are some beautiful things instead.

There are sunsets and kids; dogs and a cat.
Bikes and plants and a pretty cool hat.
The weather grows warmer so we head outside;
For running, hiking, or a long bike ride.

A naughty cat, that sneaks in the car;
The morning coffee that takes us so far.
A cold, wet nose that interrupts us;
Then a wandering child, without purpose.

But really they’re the ones who get it right;
Those who can’t help but stare at the sight.
Of bugs and leaves, of a cloud or a tree;
They admire the beauty in all that they see.

So be like that cat, with too much curiosity;
Be like a dog, with so much velocity.
Be like a child, without a care;
And always remember, beauty is everywhere.

How many kids do you think I have? Why am I asking? Look at the toothbrushes below. How many kids would you guess I have? Hint: it’s not 20….

We recently had strep run through our house. Part of the recovery process is collecting all the toothbrushes and throwing them away to eliminate germs. It took several days for the kids to gather up all their toothbrushes. I hit the designated toothbrush cup and assumed I had covered it. False. They were in cupboards, (“I like to lay them out in order of smallest to biggest and can’t do that in the holder”), dressers (“because this is my special brush, I don’t want other people to see it so it has to stay in my underwear drawer”), toilet paper rolls (“nobody would think to look here!”), bedside tables (“this one glows in the dark soooo….”), and the kitchen. I was never given an explanation for ‘why’ on that one.

I have purchased maybe 2 of these brushes. I have no idea who is sneaking into the house and giving them to my children. BUT – the day after the Great Disposal my eldest came home from school proudly waving a brush, “LOOK! A dentist visited school today and gave everyone a toothbrush!”

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