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One week until race day! And a moral dilemma regarding prairie dresses

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The first race of the season is so important and so awful. It’s that first chance to shake out the cobwebs and remember how to do things. It’s funny the stuff I forget. Last year I forgot a race belt and rubber bands. Bit of a drag because the race belt lets you slide your bib on right before the run and the rubber bands secure the bike shoes to the bike so I can hop on and roll. Not critical, but kind of annoying.

Speaking of critical, it was the biggest one’s birthday recently and I haven’t felt that level of stress in a while. Historically, her birthdays end in tears, usually hers, and huge levels of disappointment.

TO BE FAIR. Her expectations are very high. However, she does make them VERY clear to the adults in her life.

This year was as such: there were to be balloons hanging from her door frame. (I do this every year, to every kid, so no biggie.) Breakfast was to be served at 6:30 AM (this is early for us) consisting of Bojangles biscuits (I had to drive to town to pick them up) and bacon (which Hubs had to make but I think he cheated and microwaved it). She requested to open the majority of her gifts at this time but one should be held back for after school. One of the gifts had better be a bonnet and prairie dress a la Laura Ingalls.

I don’t know. We read the books years ago and I recently let the kids start the TV series. There are worse things to watch these days I suppose and I’d like to think they learn some practical skills. Except when they start calling me “Ma,” I don’t love that.

Lunch would be a microwaved Stouffer’s spaghetti TV dinner sent in her lunchbox to school. (I included a Twix bar, because I’m nice like that).

Immediately upon returning home she would open her last present (which better be the best present, she said).

Dinner would be chicken soup (because she’s “heard a lot about it and it sounds interesting.”) Apparently I have never prepared chicken soup for my kids. I’m in support of any meal that requires only a can opener. We had chicken soup. It was underwhelming as expected.

Dessert was to be a strawberry cake. I suspect she was going for a box mix with a lot of frosting when she said this. But I took some creative interpretation and bought a strawberry cheesecake. Way better.

She would then like to watch 2 episodes of Little House on the Prairie and retire to bed.

She informed me during the disappointing chicken soup that it was the best birthday of her life. I think we’ll all sleep better knowing that.

Seamless transition to my first race being an Olympic distance. This is a 1-mile swim, 26-mile bike, and 6.2-mile run. I expect the water to be in the low 60s, and I’m very excited to see how warm and floaty the new wetsuit is! I tried it in the pool today, and after the lifeguards finished laughing at me they admitted I was swimming a lot faster. Worth the mockery.

This was happening real-time as I wrote this post:

She is planning to wear her prairie dress (and bonnet!!) to school tomorrow. Are bonnets even allowed per dress code standards if hats are not? I don’t know but I suppose we’ll find out. She also requested I join her for lunch. I must be honest, I don’t really want to sit at the same table with “the girl that wears the prairie dress.” Also, how will I dress? Do I lean in and go “Ma” style? I’m very conflicted. Should I let her wear it, and possibly be ridiculed…or should I be proud she has the self-confidence not to give a darn what her classmates think about her dress? I did not think these would be the types of parenting struggles keeping me up at night.

Stay tuned…

Also there was a cow in our front yard today. It’s been a big day, people. A big, big day.
Also! Remy, in all his machismo and wonder, chased it back to its pasture and through the fence. He’s a real cow-herder.

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