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Life through the lens of the littlest

close up of lego blocks


I’m not sure if parent perception of the youngest child gives the illusion of personality, or if it’s a survival tactic of the child to be so delightfully naughty as to avoid the majority of consequences, or if it’s learned behavior from watching older siblings. Whatever the cause, Hubs and I frequently find ourselves with matching expressions – raised brows and small smiles – while littlest munchkin lives her completely preposterous life. In the evenings she’s been migrating to us, sitting down and rambling. We call these “Late Night Chats with the Lex.”

In the kitchen, taking her last sip of water before bed…

Inge: Hey Lex, it’s time for bed. I love ya, thanks for being Lexi.

L: Well. I’m not always going to be Lexi.

Inge: Really?

L: Of course not. When I grow up I’m going to be a bird.

Inge: I think I’ll miss you when you’re a bird.

L: Mooooommmyyy. When you miss me, just go outside!

Inge: Oh.

L: I will also be a parent. Because I promised you I’d be a parent.

Inge: Why do you want to be a bird?

L: So I can be a mommy bird of course.

Inge: Why don’t you want to be a mommy person?

L: *sigh* Because I want to have baby birds.

The next day…

I walk into a windswept floor covered in legos and she sits amongst them like a queen with her subordinates.

Inge: Do you want to come to the Y or stay here? If you stay here, you need to play legos in your room while Dad works.

She becomes very quiet and slowly paces in a circle, looking at the floor.

L: I had this dream. I was at the top of the stairs reading a book. Then I fell down the stairs. I died. *long pause* I’m afraid these legos will turn into stairs. And I will fall down them and die.

She stops and looks up at me, as if she has answered my question.

Do you know how the disciples would ask Jesus a question and instead of answering He’d launch into a parable? Or draw words in the dust? Or quote scripture from the Old Testament? I know how they felt.

Inge: Soooo. You want to come?

L: Of course.

Tucking her into bed, finishing prayer time, saying goodnight…

L: Mom. When I’m done with a Band-Aid, I don’t throw it away.

Inge: Let me guess, you throw it on the floor?

L: WHAT? ‘Course not. *indignant*

Inge: I give up, what do you do with it?

L: I pin it to my bulletin board.

Picking her up from preschool…

She thinks “spanky” is the funniest word ever. If you ask her how she feels, spanky. If you ask her what the weather is, spanky. If she forgets to say spanky to a question she asks you to repeat the question then corrects her answer to spanky. Every day when I pick her up from school I ask how her day was, as any mother would. She rolls her eyes.

L: Spanky.

Inge: I heard you celebrated a friend’s birthday, did you get a cupcake? Was it good?

L: It was spanky.

Yesterday I picked her up and before I even asked the question…

L: Mom! Today was NOT spanky!

Inge: What? Really? What was it?

L: It was goooooooood.

Inge: What does spanky mean then….?

L: Spanky is spanky. *peals of laughter*

Early (very early) in the morning, laying in my bed because she was coughing too much for J to sleep…

L: *flop* *flip* *sigh* *roll around* *kick*

Inge: I thought you were here to sleep?

L: Mommy. I cannot sleep. My eyes will turn into triangles.

Inge: Triangles?

L: Yes. We don’t want that.

Getting into the car after school pick up…

Inge: Stop surfing, sit down and buckle up so we can go.

L: Oh mommy. I do want to sit down. My booty says no.

In other news, I share with you this random photo of beauty. This is my view as I crest my driveway taking the kids to school. I love the sun over the mountains and I’m thankful every day I get to see them.

My nose is so great, thank you for asking. I’m sure you assumed I had perished from some nose related complications. I have not. I’m breathing and sleeping better than ever.

It’s just been rather cold here. And rainy. And this is how we feel about that  

Happy New Year!

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