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It has been a while

Bob (the cat’s) eyes in this picture sum up my summer. Eyes wide open, don’t blink, hold on for dear life. I’ve recently had a moment to catch my breath and I have SO MUCH TO SHARE. However, summer really swept us away, we were just busy living it. I had the cannibal post ready to go and thought it might be weird if I just launched back out there without any sort of explanation for my absence.

So there it is: summer. Maybe I’ll just have to be a seasonal blogger.

The big kids started back at school in early August. I was looking forward to some downtime and a few moments to think a complete thought. However, the littlest kid has been home with me for a straight month until her preschool started, just the other day. In my mind, one kid home was going to be way less busy than three. False. When there are three kids, there is always someone in a good enough mood to play with. So the littlest was always busy, keeping up with the biggest. When they’re gone, I’m apparently the only suitable stand-in, and I definitely did not meet her expectations. It’s been incredibly difficult to get any work done, such as my real job, much less any fun work, like the blog.

To give a clear picture of exactly how difficult, I draw this illustration.

Hubs and I love to watch cycling on TV. The races are first thing in the morning for about 4 hours. We don’t sit for 4 hours, but I’ll turn it on in the background while I work. Our kids don’t watch too much TV, so this is a huge deal and they glue themselves to the floor and take it all in. I figure there are worse things to absorb than some physical fitness escapades. I was on a phone call for work, the Tour of Spain was on. My call went a bit long – about an hour into it I asked my boss to excuse me for a moment so I could check on something as I heard some questionable noises coming from the family room. I come into the family room to find out that L (the 3 year old) was 18 minutes into an episode of “That 70s Show.” Turns out the race had ended, and the next program just rolled right on.

This was not ideal.

I turned it off. She wailed, “whyyyyyyy?” I returned to my call.

I casually mentioned to my boss what occurred. Between peals of laughter he told me it’s not that bad, it could have been much worse. I disagreed, because they are literally always high in that show.

To which he said, “yeah but it’s not like they show them getting high so she probably didn’t learn much.”

That was not encouraging.

So you can see why things have been a little delayed around here. All that to say, I hope you enjoy the posts, I’m excited to get back into it.

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