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A brief pause from the regularly scheduled report (and training)

easter decoration with egg and cross

Happy Easter! This is one of the best weeks. Definitely the most significant week.

I’m kind of taking this week off from the blog. Mostly to relax and enjoy Easter. But also because it’s Spring Break and the kids and I have been living it. Hard.

The chin injury is healing well. We were not able to go on the trip as planned after the incident. But it turns out WI finally had some winter and we’re not sad to miss single digit temps and double digit snow depths! We’ll get out there in the next few weeks when it’s a little warmer.

We bowled. I thought she would shatter the floor. Ironically she’s the only one who got a strike.

We almost got kicked out of the bowling alley for smuggling in Starbucks.

18 months living here we finally went to the children’s museum. It was fantastic. Primarily because there is ONE door in and ONE door out. I camped by the doors and the kids played for 3 hours.

We built an epic fort. Hubs got involved. With a chainsaw. During dinner last night I committed to building a door for the shelter. My plan involved twine, sticks, and pine branches. We’ve been watching a lot of the series “Alone” on History channel. Participants are dropped off in extreme environments with only 10 things and have to survive for months. I may be overconfident in the knowledge I’ve gathered because as the kids were asking me more questions about the door Hubs said, “guys, mom hasn’t quite thought through the engineering of this yet.”

Ever the skeptic.

The kids learned how to play Uno. The level of competition in the house is strong.

We’ve driven through more fast-food places than I usually do in an entire year. When we pulled into the drive-through of my favorite biscuit place the littlest one said, “oh yay, JO-bangles!” The bigs and I simultaneously widened our eyes and said, “yessssss.” And that is what it is known as in our house, henceforth.

We drove past a dairy cow giving birth and this time I DID NOT call the farmer. (See here the full story from last year’s spring birthing season)

It’s been great. We’re looking forward to celebrating on Sunday and I wish you all a wonderful Easter.

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